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Heigh-Ho Silver!

Three miles up, Three miles down

"We're running Currahee!"
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Band of Brothers fandom fitness challenge
what is heighhosilver?
Heigh-Ho Silver is a fitness challenge for the "Band of Brothers" fandom. Fans of the miniseries or book and friends or family of fans are welcome to join. The object is to walk, jog, or run 6 miles (9.654 kilometers) at one go, in honor of the "three miles up, three miles down" the paratroopers had to run on Currahee in training.
how does it work?
Everyone can work at their own pace - sample training program links are posted here. Build up to 6 miles, or beyond! Do 6 miles once, or once-a-month.

All fitness levels are welcome. We hope that three months is enough time to get even a "couch potato" gradually moving and on their way to 6 miles. This challenge was created in a healthy and fun vein, not a competitive one - everyone works at their own pace.
posting rules
1. Feel free to introduce yourself

2. Weekly or monthly progress posts are encouraged but not required

3. Discussion on equipment (pedometers, treadmills, etc) or clothing (shoes, sport bras, etc) is acceptable, but this community is not for buying/selling - any "classified ad"-type posts will be deleted

4. Photos may be posted under a cut (see the lj FAQ for instructions)

5. Any unsportsman-like conduct will result in banishment from the community
Please consult your physician before starting a fitness regimine. No one in this community is a medical doctor, that we know of, and all advice should be considered on an individual basis.