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Heigh-Ho Silver!
Three miles up, Three miles down
22nd-Mar-2008 10:49 am
Welcome to HeighHoSilver!

Feel free to post an introduction about yourself - possible items to include: your age, location, fitness level, any "fun runs" you've done, what your goals are for this challenge, when your target is to reach 6 miles, etc.

I found some sample training schedules for walkers, and the site links have other schedules and tips for different running abilities:
5K (3.1 mile) training schedule
10K (6.2 mile) training schedule
Half-marathon (~13 mile) training schedule
You can modify those schedules to fit your own needs and ability level (example, stretch the 10K training from 8 weeks to 12).

Start your training whenever you're ready and celebrate with us when you make it to 6 miles! We encourage you to share photos of your route or treadmill display. (Please post photos under a cut.)

Buddy requests are welcome - share your training schedule with start and end date and see if anyone would like to pace with you, whether in your area or on-line. Maybe we can get a few groups going for extra motivation and moral support.
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