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Heigh-Ho Silver!
Three miles up, Three miles down
5th-May-2008 08:46 pm
leiahan hug
So, between being very sick, and having University finals to deal with, I really never did a post on how my walk went!

It was amazing. And after a paperwork SNAFU for the guy I was walking with (my sister's boyfriend/ fiance ) we got underway about 38 minutes after the original timer started for the people who were running it.

I'm glad I walked it this year. I was able to take it all in, and fully understand how far I had gone, because when I run, I lose track of distance!

It was a very positive experience for me! I look forward to running it next year! But, if you have a MySpace account, you can view all of my pictures from here

But if you don't, and it won't let you view them, and would like to see a few, I can upload them to a different server and whatnot.

The next couple months are going to be hard to train distance wise for my run in June because I'm trying to get my times down because I'd like to apply for the police department in June. So that's what my main focus is for the time being!!!

Love to all!!!
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